Margaritas: The Untold Story. With Guest Maureen Schaffer

Listen in to find out the untold story of margaritas.

Dr. Maureen Schaffer and I discuss some unique situations she has been involved in with customs and the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco tax and Trade  Bureau). From a shipment customs forgot about to a Bureaucrat who insisted customers CAN’T know whats in the margaritas!

Our guest, Dr. Maureen “Mo” Schaffer, is an electrical engineer from Fort Collins, Colorado with a passion for great-tasting margaritas.  Tired of the artificial, chemically-flavored margaritas sold at liquor stores, she and a co-worker, Randy, developed the perfect margarita in their kitchens. Friends loved the perfectly-balanced concoction and dubbed it “The Microbrew of Margaritas!”  The word was out; soon the pair began receiving requests for their great-tasting margaritas for special occasions and gatherings across Colorado. True believers in capitalism, Mo and Randy, founded Rest & Relaxation, LLC in 2005 to “Liberate the world from bland margaritas.” It took three years to navigate the federal and state alcohol regulatory labyrinth, and in 2008 their Coyote Gold All Natural Margarita hit store shelves.  Coyote Gold is now produced in Fort Collins and sold throughout Colorado, as well as in Wyoming, Tennessee, and Missouri.

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Oklahoma Interpretation Troubles

Blaine Stansel of Roughtail Brewing joins the show to talk about the difficulties in the state of Oklahoma and brewing laws in general. We talk interpretations, power to the brewer, buyouts, and distribution!

Does Oklahoma have the best laws in the nation? I guess you can be the judge!

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Tacos? Yes Please!

There was a massive backlash on Social media regarding Latino’s for Trumps founder Marco Gutierrez’s comments stating if Trump were not elected there would be a taco truck on every corner!

For those who are on Facebook and Twitter ranting about how horrible a message this was there is something we can do about it now, and it does not involve voting for president. Take this zeal against a candidate and use it on something that can change lives of millions, deregulate the food truck/vendor industries. Many local and state regulations are limiting such entrepreneurial spirits even without Trump as president.

“Marco Gutierrez’s crack about taco trucks touched a nerve. And in the process, it also sparked a conversation about entrepreneurship and the regulations that are in place that often make it difficult for the budding entrepreneur. By promoting innovation and creativity in the marketplace, it’s possible we could see taco trucks on every corner!”

You want more taco trucks? Keep tweeting but also promote the elimination of current local restrictions.

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