Importance of Repealing Insignificance

No enacted law is too insignificant to use debate time and discussion. A law too insignificant to discuss is also a law too insignificant to exist.

Wartime, national crisis, the latest social crisis of the week… these are perfect moments to repeal or highlight insignificant laws.

Obviously the immediate criticism is there are bigger fish to fry, trivial laws will have to wait for better debate time. Lives may be in jeopardy and the moral fabric of society may be crumbling, how can we think about laws restricting hair braiding, just a few brewers, or taxes on rental cars? These laws must wait when our officials are not dealing with a crisis!

Well, in my short life I have rarely seen a week without a “crisis.” Reality has shown whenever a pre-existing law is up for repeal officials are suddenly too busy elsewhere dealing with pressing matters. The thing is, it is because there are pressing matters that repealing insignificant status quo laws rightfully should occur.

Laws limit private social and business relationships, they restrict and tax business operations, and they can negatively impact daily lives. Stating other issues are too pressing distorts the importance of those lives that reckless and worthless laws impact. More often than not these insignificant laws are effecting minority groups and business’s in the community who do not have the resources to raise awareness of their issue.

Each life is precious, if a law is impacting any individual personally or through business then it is NOT insignificant. Next time there are more important things to talk about, the annulled issue should be too insignificant to warrant a law in the first place.

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