Alabama’s War on Margaritas

Joining the show is Cameron Smith general counsel and vice president of implementation for the R Street Institute, where he oversees how R Street implements and communicates the policy solutions its experts develop. He also handles a wide range of the institute’s legal matters.

Cameron, and his team at R Street uncovered Alabama’s over zealous Alcohol (Nanny) Control board attempting to ban the sale of pitchers of Margarita’s to adults. Why? Your guess is as good as ours but there may be something to do with trying to stay relevant in a world that needs no such thing as an Alcohol Control Board.

Cameron explains how his team was able to, almost overnight, pressure the nannies in Alabama to reverse their decision and let consenting adults voluntarily purchase pitchers of Margaritas once again.

Also how we can replicate the success R Street is having!

Read Cameron’s articles on the Mississippi Margarita ban here and here!

Drinks Reform With Moonshine

Kevin Kosar, senior fellow of the R Street Institute joins the show to discuss his new book “Moonshine: A Global History” and

Whether it is beer, spirits, wine……or perhaps fermented Mares Milk alcohol has always been a part of a culture even when regimes try to restrict its consumption. Kevin’s book “Moonshine” discusses the history of DIY distilling as a history of criminality and the human ingenuity that has prevailed out of officials’ sights: from cleverly designed stills to the secret smuggling operations that got the goods to market.

Not to mention we dive into and uncover the movements each state is undertaking to reform their antiquated and outdated liquor laws. Whether its abv limits, forced distribution, licensing issues, etc there is bound to be a battle brewing in your state! is the perfect site to stay up to date and figure out where your state stands and what still can be done!

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