Why 21? Why not 18…19?

Jake Curtis, Associate Council and Federalism Litigator at the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty Center for Competitive Federalism, joins the show to discuss how the drinking age has played a role in shaping federal precedent for the last 30 years since the Supreme Court on “South Dakota Vs. Dole” (The 6th least populated state challenging the status quo!)

The Federal government of these United States and each of the 50 states are in a constant tug of war over power to regulate, but figuring out the role for each is not necessarily set in stone. Jake uncovers how precedent set by liquor and alcohol have shaped not only the drinking age but have created a domino effect with implications on future Supreme Court rulings.

Don’t worry folks, my Alcohol Commerce Clause was met and as a bonus, we argue over the Packers place in the NFL. (Go Vikings!)

Check out Jake’s wonderful explanation of the drinking age here:
Thirty Years of Federal Coercion, on the Drinking Age and More

Be sure to keep up with Jakes latest research and articles at National Review.

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